April 2nd-3rd: 17-35 year olds, Join The Transformative Justice Coalition's Millennial Votes Matter Training, in Memphis, Tennessee.

In 2016, the Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC) trained 33 Millennials at Morgan State University and in 2017, trained 22 Millennials in Washington, DC. These Millennials have been amazing post-training. Several have created their own community based organizations, conducted voter forums, and registered hundreds of voters particularly in Virginia prior to the November 7, 2017 elections and in Alabama prior to the December 12th US Senate Election. As part of the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. King, TJC, in partnership with New Sardis Baptist Church, will hold its 3rd Millennial Votes Matter Training in Memphis, Tennessee from April 2nd to April 3rd.
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Millennial Votes Matter Convening and Training- Sept. 2017 #MVM2017
TJC, in partnership with New Sardis Baptist Church, is hosting a non-partisan Memphis Millennial Votes Matter Training Event to be held on April 2-3, 2018 to prepare 25-50 persons, 17-35 years old, from Tennessee and surrounding states, to serve as Voting Rights Ambassadors to directly serve vulnerable communities and voters by enhancing their ability to participate in the 2018 Mid-Term Elections and 2020 Presidential Elections. This Training will use a proven and successful specially designed Train-the-Trainer Voting Rights Immersion Program which will teach fundamental of voting rights and develop skills for conducting voter registration, voter education, voter assistance for obtaining ID's, voter mobilization, voter turnout, and voter protection. Each participant commits to recruiting and training an additional 10 people to assist targeted communities. These cadres will work closely with existing community based organizations. The Memphis Millennial Votes Matter Training will help train talented student and young community leaders to register thousands of voters, conduct voter education forums, teach voters to navigate barriers, assist in obtaining voter IDs, help voters to the polls, and protect voters who encounter problems voting. This program will help to ensure that thousands of voters who may be discouraged or lost in the electoral process will instead be able with the direct assistance of our trained Millennial Ambassadors to register, cast a ballot, and have that ballot counted. If you know Millennials in the Memphis area who should be a part of this free training event, or if you want to be a part of the "MLK Living Legacy" Millennial Votes Matter Training, to be held in Memphis Tennessee, April 2nd- 3rd, 2018, please fill out the form below: