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Millennial Votes Matter

The Transformative Justice Coalition’s Memphis Millennial Votes Matter #MLK50 Living Legacy Training


#MLK50 Living Legacy Training

The Transformer, April 13, 2018

As part of the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. King, TJC, in partnership with New Sardis Baptist Church, located at 7739 E Holmes Rd, Memphis, TN 38125, TJC held its 3rd Millennial Votes Matter Training in Memphis, Tennessee from April 2nd to April 3rd. This training focused on how those in attendance could be living legacies.

The Memphis Millennial Votes Matter #MLK50 Living Legacy Training was a non-partisan training event to prepare 17-35-year old’s from Tennessee and surrounding states, to serve as Voting Rights Ambassadors to directly serve vulnerable communities and voters by enhancing their ability to participate in the 2018 Mid-Term Elections and 2020 Presidential Elections. This Training used TJC’s proven and successful specially designed Train-the-Trainer Voting Rights Immersion Program which taught fundamentals of voting rights and developed skills for conducting voter registration, voter education, voter assistance for obtaining ID’s, voter mobilization, voter turnout, the history of voting in America, civics, special barriers those with disabilities and other vulnerable communities face, and voter protection.

In 2016, the Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC) trained 33 Millennials at Morgan State University and in 2017, trained 22 Millennials in Washington, DC. These Millennials have been amazing post-training. Several have created their own community-based organizations, conducted voter forums, and registered hundreds of voters particularly in Virginia prior to the November 7, 2017 elections and in Alabama prior to the December 12th US Senate Election.

The Memphis Millennial Votes Matter Training trained those in attendance to register thousands of voters, conduct voter education forums, teach voters to navigate barriers, assist in obtaining voter IDs, help voters to the polls, and protect voters who encounter problems voting. Our Memphis class, as we refer to as our future Voting Rights Ambassadors, consisted of not just of people ages 17-35, but also people from all generations, including 16-year-olds; an 8-year old who attended with her father on the 2nd day; and, those that were from the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. All in attendance eagerly asked questions, took notes, and were delighted with the many resources they received. Among the resources were Tennessee voter ID palm cards donated by Vote Riders.

One of the resources we provided was to a nationwide audience via Facebook, where almost every panel was livestreamed onto TJC’s Facebook page. The informative 2-day training included not only resources, but very instructional and interactive sessions, which included: a roundtable that featured Millennial leaders and veteran voices, such as the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr.; and, more.

Our aim was to train and educate people to be living legacies to honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., who was taken from us too early. TJC believes is achieved its goal by giving people the resources they need to become living legacies.

Our next training will be in conjunction with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition during their Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois. If you are interested in attending or know someone who should attend, please register for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s Annual Conference by clicking the button below, and then send an email to ccobb@tjcoalition.org with your intent to attend or send someone to the Training, contact information, and why you or someone you know wants to become a Voting Rights Ambassador, and we will follow up with you.

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